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  • Fachbetrieb für lufttechnische Anlagen, Stahlkonstruktion und Metallbau
  • Fachbetrieb für lufttechnische Anlagen, Stahlkonstruktion und Metallbau
  • Fachbetrieb für lufttechnische Anlagen, Stahlkonstruktion und Metallbau
  • Fachbetrieb für lufttechnische Anlagen, Stahlkonstruktion und Metallbau
  • Fachbetrieb für lufttechnische Anlagen, Stahlkonstruktion und Metallbau

Taifun Lufttechnik & Groste Lüftungstechnik


In 1949 the company Taifun - Lufttechnik in Ottobrunn (near Munich) was founded by Mr. Günther Eschenbacher on the grounds of Messerschmidt Belko Blom Flugzeugwerk.

The delivery of the first ventilation system for the glass industry in Bavaria began immediately.

In 1949 the new administrative and production facility of the company Taifun – Lufttechnik was completed in the industrial area of Ottobrunn.

This is where the production of radial fans and piping systems for the glass industry began to take place.

As part of the construction of a complete ventilation system, as well as the production of pipeline systems made of steel, including high alloy chrome nickel steel, we developed complete extraction systems for paper industries, wood industries, foundries and steel producers. This includes the necessary dust removal equipment, separation equipment, as well as filtration.

In 1966 the company Taifun - Lufttechnik opened an external sales and construction service office in the Schwerte / Ruhr (North Rhine-Westphalia) area to be able to meet customer service demands in the region.

In 1998, the Ottobrunn location was closed, so that Schwerte became the main site for Taifun-Lufttechnik.

This location was then taken over by the company AKI  Mainz GmbH. The production of the entire product range was carried out in Mainz and Dresden for worldwide delivery.

In 2014, AKI Industrietechnik GmbH removed itself from the glass industry, selling Taifun - Lufttechnik to Mira Industrietechnik GmbH in Budenheim.

While distribution and the construction remained in Schwerte / Ruhr, the production of the entire product range now takes place in Budenheim.

Therefore the range of products and services offered to the industry as well as delivery possibilities, have been broadened through Mira Industrietechnik GmbH. The branch located in Schwerte has been specializing in air technology for the past several years.

Overview of offered services by Taifun Lufttechnik:

Installation engineering and services for the glass industry:

  • Tumb cooling equipment
  • Flow cooling plants
  • engine cooling systems
  • team Cooling
  • Feeder and work tub combustion air
  • melting tub combustion air systems
  • Press cooling
  • Motor cooling
  • Feeder cooling
  • Electrode cooling
  • Bubbling cooling, hot air systems for combustion air
  • Cutting blanks for pipelines
  • Centrifugal fans up to 500 ° C
  • Drive with coupling
  • Drive with V-belt
  • Drive directly
  • Drive with gasoline or diesel engines
  • induced draft fans
  • Stainless steel fans
  • Control device for centrifugal fans
  • Complete accessories for centrifugal fans
  • Service for centrifugal fans, repair, balancing, overhaul
  • Piping systems DN 63 to DN 2000 in mild steel and highly alloyed chromium-nickel steels
  • Pipe connectors with flat steel flanges according to DIN 24154 / R2 made of normal steel and stainless steel including the corresponding sealing materials
  • Sheet metal processing of 1 - 10 mm sheet metal
  • Hot air ducts up to 1000 ° C
  • Insulations for hot air and flue gas lines
  • Flexible metal hoses DN 50 to DN 1000, 120 ° C / 400 ° C operating temperature

Assemblies and Services:

  • Mounts for piping systems
  • Assembly supervision for piping systems
  • Electrical installations for the system technology
  • On-site commissioning by our engineers
  • Complete engineering including sheet metal blanks for the production of complete piping systems abroad
  • Design calculations of ventilation systems

Systems engineering outside the glass industry:

  • Dedusting for industrial plants
  • Zyklon Centrifugal
  • dedusting
  • Complete piping systems
  • Complete engineering including the required drawings
  • Complete electrical engineering
  • Commissioning of the systems